If you have a question or issue, please contact the management staff.

Onsite (Clubhouse) Office Hours

Appointments are available at the clubhouse for – Monday – Wednesday from 5:30 pm until 8:00 pm.  

Please call 303-841-8658 or email Info@The-CPMS.com to schedule or if you have questions or concerns. 

 For information on reserving the clubhouse click here.

How do I request a Work Order?

Our ON-SITE maintenance team completes most work orders weekly on Fridays. In order to have your work order addressed Friday, the service request must be submitted prior to (noon) on Thursday. If your service request is submitted after noon on Thursday it will be completed the following week.

To request maintenance please enter it into the communication portal’s Maintenance section.

Click on Resident Login and log in or register/create your account.

Once submitted, you can track the order all the way to completion, so you know exactly what its status is along the way. Not all requests can be handled by our team. If a contractor is needed we will do our best to schedule it for the following week and update the notes in the portal.

If you need assistance logging into the communication portal you can always send an email to Info@the-cpms.com to request assistance or call 303-841-8658 and we can help walk you through the process of registering.

Sprinkler Problems?

Are the sprinklers not shutting off?  Are they spurting water?  Are they running for longer than 30 minutes? We may have a problem. 

Please call the Brightview on-call tech at 303-472-3790 for after-hours irrigation emergencies (zone has been running consistently for more than 30 minutes or is spraying directly on a residence). Simple popped heads or “geysers” should be reported on the portal due to the high cost of emergency response service.

The Timbers Swimming Pool

Do I need a key for the Pool?

No, you do not need a key for the Pool.   When the pool is open there is a Pool Monitor on duty and allows access to the Pool area.

When is the Pool Open?

  • The Pool is open from Memorial day to Labor day
  • The Pool is only open when the temperatures are above 70 degrees and clear skies.

Who can use the Pool?

To be able to use the Pool you need to be in compliance with The Timbers HOA I, Inc. swimming pool regulations.

You also must be current and in good standing with the HOA dues.

Here is a copy of the SWIMMING POOL RULES.

Security Issues

 Any matter needing law enforcement should be reported directly to the police department.

  • Are you experiencing problems with neighborhood kids?
  • Has someone damaged your personal or real property? Call the police.
  • Is someone violating the parking policy? Contact the Management company at Info@the-cpms.com

If it is an emergency or an incident in progress call 911 or Aurora Police Department – 303-627-3100

Animal Control

Issues with animals need to be reported to Aurora Animal Control at (303) 326-8288.

If a dog is barking excessively there might be a reason for it.  Have you considered that someone could be breaking in?  The owner may be taken ill or worse?  Consider these things before making a complaint.

If the issue is consistent, repetitive, or otherwise on-going and not being resolved by the animal’s owner, it is best to have more than one person make a report to Aurora Animal Control.

Parking Permits

How Do I Get a Parking Permit?

Please read The Timbers HOA I, Inc.  PARKING AND PERMIT POLICY.  All parking permits are issued in person at the Timbers HOA I, Inc. office during office hours.  If you are in compliance with the parking permit policy, and you request a permit, then one will be issued to you.  There are two kinds of permits:

  • Residents Only Parking Permit – Valid as long as the owner is in compliance with the parking policy.
  • Temporary Parking – Valid for only up to one week.

I was issued a parking warning.  What do I do now?

If you were parked in any of the Timbers HOA I, Inc. motor courts and you do not have a permit on your vehicle, then you are in violation of the parking policy.  Vehicles without permits can always be parked on the main streets, which are owned and maintained by the City of Aurora.

Please read the Parking and Permit Policy.

If your vehicle is issued with a Green Tow sticker you have 24 hours to move the vehicle to the street or it will be towed at your expense.

I think my vehicle has been towed.  What do I do now?

If you were parked in a Timbers motor court without a parking permit and you have been issued warnings previously, please contact the management office at Info@the-cpms.com.  They will confirm whether or not your vehicle has been towed.  You should also contact Colorado Auto Recovery 720-400-9995.  They can provide instructions for how to reclaim your vehicle. PARKING AND PERMIT POLICY

My Sidewalk is Icy

If you have an icy sidewalk, please contact The Timbers HOA I, Inc. Office.  Depending on the severity of the buildup, it will either be chipped away, or Ice Melt will be applied to it.  In addition, a generous supply of Ice Melt will be left with you so that you can continue to apply it as needed to prevent the ice buildup from returning.  It is impossible to eliminate all the ice, so exercise CAUTION and stay off icy areas, if at all possible.  Be aware that conditions in Colorado may cause the melted ice to refreeze as soon after it has melted, especially if temperatures do not rise above freezing.

If you do have to get out in winter conditions, walk safely on snow or ice. Take short steps or shuffle for stability. Bend slightly forward and walk flat-footed with your center of gravity directly over your feet as much as possible. Keep your hands out of your pockets. Be prepared to fall.

Reapply ice melt the following day, as often as necessary, and call the office if you need more.

The Timbers HOA I, Inc. management office – 303-841-8658